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Men's Spandex Thong Styles and more.

Let us help you find the perfect swimsuit. The newest men's swimwear designs are insanely extreme and sexy. Even mainstream thongs and bikini for men are every bit as small as what the girls wear!

Above is a bulge pouch style men's spandex thong and below is an extremely popular male to female transformation thong. Repackages the penis as a vagina.

Men's spandex thong designs are the hottest styles for men on many of the hippest beaches.The ladies have been wearing thongs for years and they are mainstream almost everywhere what is big news is that they are becoming mainstream for men at most beaches too. Men's spandex thong styles are completely mainstream throughout the world but in the USA they are an up and coming trend.

The most amazing thongs, bikinis, G-strings, Pouch suits and short shorts.